Introduction & Overview

Welcome to BioType Basics!

In this course you will learn what to look for in order to identify different BioTypes and what that means about a person's temperament.

Your curiosity brought you here... get ready to learn the information to put words to the things you've always felt.

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0:21 - RGP Development & Unani BioTypes

07:30 - Course Overview

Meet Your Instructor

Hello! My name is Rodrigo Garcia Platas. I'm an expert in Systemic Psychology, Unani BioTypes with a double Masters in Educational Psychology and Family Systemic Therapy.

I have over 15 years experience working as a transformational coach, speaker, and a certified FIFA Sports psychologist, leading trainings for more than 100,000 people worldwide.

And I'm excited to work with you too!

I look forward to teaching you the secrets and tools about human temperament that I've brought to government leaders, entrepreneurs, television producers and struggling couples that has helped them expand their businesses, projects, cities, and relationships in mind-blowing ways.

In the video below I'll explain to you how I got involved in this work and why it means so much to me.

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